Surface Runoff, Seepage, and Total Runoff from Precipitation 1990



  • Water Balance as Word document

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  • Water Balance as PDF document

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  • 02.13.1 Surface Runoff from Precipitation

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  • 02.13.2 Percolation from Precipitation

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  • 02.13.3 Total Runoff from Precipitation

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  • 02.13.4 Percolation from Precipitation without Consideration for Impervious Coverage

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  • Fig. 1: Water Balance of Vegetation Areas and Sealed Areas


  • Fig. 2: Flow Diagram of the ABIMO Model

    Image: from Bach 1997, modified

  • Fig. 2a: Contents of symbols of the flow diagram of the ABIMO model

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    Image: from Bach 1997, modified

  • Fig. 3: Portrayal of the Bagrov Equation for Selected Values of the Parameters n and the Dependency of these Parameters on Land Use and Soil Type

    Image: after Glugla et al. 1995

  • Fig. 4: Berlin Water Balance (Long-term Mean Values in million m³, without Bodies of Water)



  • Tab. 1: Effective Degree of Connection of Sealed Surfaces to the Sewage System (Degree of Connection to Sewage System) for Berlin Urban Structure Types

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    Document: from Bach 1997, modified

  • Tab. 2: Effectivity Parameter n und Infiltration Factor Fi for Various Surface Sealing Classes

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  • Tab. 3: Long-term Mean Values of Runoff Formation

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  • Tab. 4: Surface Runoff from the Separate Sewage System into Bodies of Water in Berlin, as Long-term Mean Values

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