Building Heights 2023

Statistical Base

The map was developed based on the dataset of the

  • three-dimensional building models of the State of Berlin in Level of Detail 2 (LoD2)

This dataset is not yet available via the Geoportal Berlin as a detailed map (as of August 2023). It is exclusively available via the download service.

The version of the LoD2 used here is based on the building data of the Official Real Estate Cadastre Information System (ALKIS), which refers to the floor plan update of May 10, 2023 as recorded in the system. The difference between the LoD2 building stock and that of the current version of ALKIS is illustrated in the Berlin Geoportal, represented by the buildings that show through from the map in the background, which are not included in the Building Heights map. The planned annual update of the data stock will, however, gradually close these gaps.