Groundwater Temperature 2020


Most people would not enjoy a dip in the freezing water that lies beneath Berlin. In the heavily built-up centre, it is between 12.5 and 15.9°C 20 metres below ground. On the sparsely populated periphery, it can be up to 5°C lower. At temperatures between 10.5 and 11.5°C, the groundwater below the Großer Tiergarten is a little cooler, too.

Since the 1980s, Berlin has recorded its groundwater temperatures at 100+ measuring points. Measurements are taken at various depths of up to 100 metres. For depths of more than 60 metres, the number of available measuring points decreases dramatically, however. These measurements are important because Berlin supplies all of its own water. In warmer weather, for example, bacteria can multiply more easily. The water quality may suffer as a result.

Some temperature changes have natural causes. Influences are day and night, but mostly the seasons and the accompanying local climatic conditions at the surface. Changes in the land use above ground also play a role. Similarly, underground structures including district heating pipes, underground car parks or underground railway systems shake things up. Dive into our collection of important information on groundwater temperatures in the capital and what influences them here.

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