Geological Map 1 : 25,000 (Historical GK25) 1937

Map Description

The geological structure of Berlin is described in the map Geological Outline. It includes detailed descriptions of the geological and geomorphological situation.

For the detailed descriptions of the individual historical geological map sheets, please refer to the explanatory volumes of the respective maps.

For the analysis of the present Historical GK25, it is to be noted that the map represents the state of knowledge of the respective year of publication and thus does not always reflect the current state of geological exploration and mapping. This also applies to the geological classification and nomenclature, which is now partly obsolete.

Moreover, note that the map reflects more differentiated structures than the aggregated colours would make it appear. The large number of legend units did not allow all units to be distinguished by colour. All differentiated legend units were preserved in the map and can be displayed using the data display (cf. Table 1).