Land Use

Blick von oben auf die Straße mit Gebäuden
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The urban structure of Berlin is as diverse as life in its neighbourhoods. The density of buildings may be high or low; there might be many inhabitants per hectare or just a few. Discover all you need to know about green spaces and their distribution, about building and vegetation heights and green roofs here.

Actual Land Use

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Image: Umweltatlas Berlin

How do we use the space offered by Berlin? What does the structure of use reveal upon closer inspection? Find answers here and discover more about the topic of land use in our city. This map provides you with detailed and systematic data from the past decades. More information

Urban Structure

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Image: Umweltatlas Berlin

From concrete high-rises to river-view villas: Berlin looks different everywhere you go. Peruse our maps and extensive data on the city’s structure to gain a thorough and detailed understanding of how the urban landscape of our metropolis has developed over the past centuries. More information

Population Density

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Image: Umweltatlas Berlin

The city centre is abuzz with people, the outskirts are quieter: Berlin’s population density varies across districts. So, how are the people living in the capital distributed? The present map provides an in-depth answer. More information

Green Roofs

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Image: Umweltatlas Berlin

Plants on a roof do not only look lovely, they also do their bit for the environment: water evaporates and cools the environment and the sewer system is relieved during heavy rainfall. How many green roofs does Berlin have? Discover maps and data analyses on the topic here. More information

Public Green Spaces

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Image: Umweltatlas Berlin

A bench in Monbijoupark, a picnic blanket in the Wuhlheide; Berlin has plenty to offer in terms of recreation. Discover here what the actual availability of public near-residential green spaces looks like for Berliners and where these spaces are located. More information

Building Heights

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Image: Umweltatlas Berlin

High-rise buildings and idyllic housing estates - Berlin looks different on every corner and part of the difference is the height of the buildings. But how high exactly? You can find all the important information on the heights of buildings in the capital here. More information

Building Age

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Image: Umweltatlas Berlin

Over time, Berlin has grown in different ways and with different priorities. Trace back how the city developed since the beginning of the 19th century and learn about the age of the residential building structure in each area. More information

Urban Structural Density

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Image: Umweltatlas Berlin

How much room is there actually for open and green spaces in Berlin? The present maps on urban density have the answers ready! They provide detailed and comprehensive information on how much space buildings occupy in the city and which districts are particularly densely built-up and which are not. More information

Open-Space Development

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Image: Umweltatlas Berlin

Recreation for people, a habitat for plants and animals, climate-friendly spaces – undeveloped areas play an important role in large cities like Berlin. How many green and open spaces does Berlin have and how did the numbers develop over time? Check out our overview here. More information