Urban Structure / Urban Structure - Area Types Differentiated 2021

Statistical Base

The annual update mainly focuses on two things, i.e. the review and adjustment of the primary and meta-block boundaries of the ISU5 to new or updated statistical blocks of the RBS (defined by the Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg, AfS), and the recording of changes in land use following structural changes. For this purpose, the AfS’s data on building completions and buildings with changed use, as well as data from the Housing Construction Space Information System (WoFIS) and the Commercial Area Information System (GeFIS) were used to identify areas to be reviewed due to new construction or demolition. In addition, a small number of areas was reviewed based on changes in the green space inventory.

In order to determine the actual use during the land use review, various specialised datasets were consulted, regarding, for example, building age, agricultural use or soil associations.

The annual update of the spatial reference of the Urban and Environmental Information System (ISU5) is based on the following resources.

Source data:
  • Block map of the Urban and Environmental Information System (ISU5)
  • Road areas of the Urban and Environmental Information System (ISU5)
Data from the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment:
  • Official Real Estate Cadastre Information System – ALKIS (Geoportal Berlin)
  • Official Topographic Cartographic Information System – ATKIS (Geoportal Berlin)
  • Soil associations of the Urban and Environmental Information System (ISU5)
  • Digital orthophotos (Geoportal Berlin), aerial photograph flights in 2020 and 2022
  • Building age of residential buildings (Environmental Atlas)
  • Flagged items collected since the previous update
  • Green space and playground inventory (Geoportal Berlin)
  • Map of Berlin 1 : 5,000 (K5) (Geoportal Berlin)
  • Peatlands and soil types (Environmental Atlas)
  • 2014 Road survey (Geoportal Berlin)
  • Primary road network
  • Housing Construction Space Information System (WoFIS), SenStadtWohn Berlin
Data from external sources:
  • Data on buildings with changed use, Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg (AfS)
  • Building completions, Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg (AfS)
  • Commercial Area Information System (GeFIS)
  • Statistical blocks, Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg (AfS)
  • Digital field block register, agricultural reference plots, Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture Brandenburg