Water Conservation Districts 2009

Statistical Base and Methodology

For the statistical documentation of the regions, no uniform basis was available. Inasmuch as water conservation area ordinances were decreed, it was possible to use the accompanying map material in the scale 1:5000. For delimitation according to iso-distances (all areas falling under the 1946 Allied Order), distances from the wells were ascertained. All other areas was transferred to the map of Berlin in a scale of 1:5000 according to the description in the texts of the ordinances, and then digitalised from that basis. For the State of Berlin, the precision is in accordance with the stipulations of the map in the scale of 1:5000, and can thus be considered sharp enough to distinguish single lots. For the conservation zones shown in the State of Brandenburg, a variety of smaller scale maps had to be used, so that a precise statement for particular lots is not possible.

This map only provides an overview. For legally binding information, only the original maps from the ordinances may be used. The ascertainment of the areas was carried out on the basis of the Map of Berlin 1:5000 grid data (K5 RD), of the Senate Department for Urban Development, Sec. III.

Due to the scale of the map selected, each BWB wells cannot be shown, but only the bore fields.