Strommast Freileitungsmast in der Abenddämmerung
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In Berlin, electricity and heating are largely generated using fossil fuels. Discover here, for example, which parts of the city house the plants with the highest CO2 emissions or which areas are supplied with district heating.

Facilities to Licensing

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Certain industrial facilities may harm the environment and are therefore subject to licensing. Discover detailed information on such facilities that fall under the responsibility of the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection here. More information

Firing Plants

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Combustion plants for heat and energy generation and the fuels they use contribute greatly to the emission of air pollutants in Berlin. The maps indicate which fuels these are and which plants are subject to the German Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Law (TEHG). More information

Solar Systems

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The plan is to shift Berlin’s electricity and heat supply increasingly to solar energy over the coming decades. Although there are a lot of surfaces available, the number of new installations of such systems has recently been declining. Find existing solar systems and potential for expansion here. More information

Building Heating

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Natural gas rather than coal – the comprehensive overhaul of the heat supply is the key to Berlin’s climate policy. Discover which energy sources and heating systems are used to heat buildings in the city and how their distribution changed up until 2005. More information

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

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Since the early 1990s, the State of Berlin has consistently been reducing its CO2 emissions to help protect the climate. Travel back to 1995 to discover how much carbon dioxide was emitted, where it came from and what caused it at the time. More information

Electromagnetic Fields

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We encounter countless electric and magnetic fields in our everyday life. They may be generated by power plants or power lines, for example. Discover where particularly strong electric and magnetic fields may occur and how the population is being protected from suffering damage to their health. More information