Heavy Rainfall and Flood Hazards 2024

Statistical Base

All data sources used are listed below:

Map 02.24.1 Heavy Rainfall Information Map

  • Topographic depression analysis of the BWB, 2022 (submitted on February 21, 2022; BWB 2022, unpublished)
  • Fire service operations during rain, 2007 to 2017 (submitted on November 1, 2023; BWB 2023, unpublished)
  • Fire service operations during rain, 2018 to 2021 (submitted on November 1, 2023; BWB 2023, unpublished)
  • Urban and Environmental Information System (ISU5), 2021 – Changes to ISU areas (SenStadt 2021)
  • Flood Hazard Map for Floods with Low Probability, 2019 (SenStadt 2019)
  • Protected Areas and Protected Objects by Nature Conservation Legislation in Berlin (incl. Natura 2000), as of May 11, 2023 (Geoportal Berlin)
  • Map of Bodies of Water, as of May 24, 2023 (Geoportal Berlin)

Map 02.24.2 Heavy Rainfall Hazard Map

  • ATKIS® DTM – Digital Terrain Model
  • ALKIS® – Official Real Estate Cadastre Information System
  • Rainwater and wastewater sewer network models (BWB)
  • Data on charges (BWB)
  • Drainage master plan (GEP), (BWB)
  • Road drains
  • Green Roofs
  • Aerial photographs (orthophotos)
  • Soil-scientific characteristic values
  • Road survey
  • Fire service operations and Flood Atlas
  • Coordinated Storm Rainfall Regionalisation Analysis (KOSTRA) of Germany’s National Meteorological Service (DWD)

Please note, it is not possible to specify the dates for the individual datasets, as the most recent data was used at the time of compilation. For detailed information, please refer to the individual reports (cf. Table 1).