Traffic Volumes ADT 1993

Statistical Base

For the traffic conditions shown on the map, average traffic volume was considered. Fundamentally, two different mean values are to be distinguished: On the one hand, the average daily traffic volume (DTV) is the mean value of the traffic levels of all days of a year. Thus it is a mean value covering all motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles and trucks) which pass through a given street segment within 24 hours in both directions. The second mean value, the average weekday traffic (DTV-Wt), refers to the traffic levels of all workdays (Mondays through Fridays) in a year. The values shown on the map refer to the mean daily motor vehicle traffic (DTV).

The evaluations of the 1993 Berlin Department of Traffic and Utilities (SenVuB) street traffic counts are based on motor vehicle counts carried out in 1992 and 1993. For the countryside surrounding Berlin, the traffic count data were collected by the Brandenburg State Agency for Traffic and Road Construction, and refer to 1993. Altogether, over 1,900 count cross-sections were available in Berlin, with which about 1,200 km of street could be covered. The measurements were taken on Mondays and Thursdays between March and November, except during the school vacation period. The counts were undertaken continuously on all weekdays at the long-term measurement points.