Planning Advice for Soil Protection 2005


Precauitionary soil protection emphasizes the protection of soil functions, as shown comprehensively in Maps 01.12.1 through 01.12.5 by function, and in Map 01.12.6 in an overview (FAENSEN-THIEBES et al. 2006, SenStadt 2009). Environmental studies and environmental assessments can build upon these evaluations in the context of environmental impact assessments (EIA) or development-planning procedures (FAENSEN-THIEBES & GOEDECKE 2007). These documents for the assessment of soils and for the evaluation of interventions do not differentiate between the particular soil functions in terms of significance or sensitivity. Moreover, in the application of the planning process, notes as to how the differences in the efficiency of the soils are to be evaluated, and which of the results derived from this are to be implemented, are useful from the aspect of soil protection (GERSTENBERG et al. 2007).

The present map is designed to help the soil-protection authorities involved in environmental assessment gain a quick overview of the goals and stipulations of soil protection, particularly in the context of the development-planning process. For the responsible soil-protection authority, this provides a speedy classification and assessment of the matters involved in a planning procedure, and the derivation of any required stipulations. Planning decisions and planning processes can thus be improved, in terms of soil protection.

The variety and spatial small-scale differentiation of the respective assessments and suggested measure can no longer be adequately portrayed in an analogue map. The present map is hence built on the digital data display of FIS Broker, which shows the detailed factual information, and the assessments and suggested measures for the sections selected, which would be no longer be displayable in an analogue map.