02.19 Expected Highest Groundwater Level (EHGL)

Map Description

The EHGL map for the Berlin glacial valley, the Panke Valley as well as the Teltow Plateau and the Nauen Plate covers about three quarters of the area of the State of Berlin. The expected highest groundwater level is represented by lines of equal height in metres above sea level (NHN). The distance between the groundwater isolines is 0.1 m.

Map Imprint

Conception: Section II B 3, Geological Survey

Data Processing and Map Production:
Dr. Johannes Birner, Ulrike Hörmann, Alexander Limberg and Prof. Dr. Hartmut Verleger, Büro für Hydrogeologie und Geotechnik [Office for hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering]; Wolfhard Schröter

December 2021


  • 02.19 Expected Highest Groundwater Level (EHGL)

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