01.01 Soil Associations

Map Description

Berlin is characterised by near-natural soils that are relatively undisturbed by any use and have developed over a long period of time. These include luvisols (para-brown soils), podzoluvisols (leached soils), cambisols (brown soils), dystric cambisols (rusty-brown soils), spodo-dystric cambisols (podzol brown soils), podzols, gleysols, and histosols (bog soils). The latter occur al-most exclusively in the less densely populated and unpopulated outer margins of the city.

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Referat III F (Urban and Environmental Information System)

Data Processing and Map Production:
Dr. W. Aey, P. Biró, U. Claußen, J. Gerstenberg, Dr. R. Grenzius, G. Metzlaff

Data from:
February 2009


  • 01.01 Soil Associations

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