09.01.1 Noise Burden 2021/2022

Map Description

The total noise map (night) was chosen from the set of evaluations of the 2017 Strategic Noise Maps as a starting point for determining the intensity of the burden of core indicator 1 of Berlin’s approach to environmental justice. The distribution indicates that the noise burden is highly impacted by main roads and main railway lines.

Map Imprint

Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action (SenUMVK) in collaboration with the Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg (AfS) and the divisions of the SenUMVK and the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing (SenSBW) with responsibilities specific to the subject.

Data Processing and Map Production:
Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg (AfS)

May 2022


  • 09.01.1 Noise Burden

    Document: SenUMVK