04.10.01 Air Temperature Entire Area 10:00 p.m.

Map Description

Owing to the lack of a distinct orography, the distribution of the parameter air temperature in Berlin on a typical summer’s day is mainly caused by the arrangement of built-up areas and green spaces in the city. This map presents the distribution of the temperatures measured at a height of 2 m for the time selected.

Map Imprint

Team IX B 2 Urban and Environmental Information System (ISU) together with GEO-NET Umweltplanung und GIS-Consulting GbR; Prof. Groß

Data Processing and Map Production:
GEO-NET, Prof. Groß under application of the climate model FITNAH; IX B 2

Data from:
April 2003


  • 04.10.01 Air Temperature Entire Area 10:00 p.m

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