Services and Permits

Traffic obstruction permit for filming

VLB acts as a mediator between the interests of filmmakers and road users.

In addition to the general permission to film in public areas, a permit for filming must therefore be obtained from VLB.

If the shooting location is in a cordoned public space, a single formation is developed in coordination with the police (formal hearing). Specific information on the shooting location, the time and duration of filming as well as a request for full or partial cordoning of roads and pavements are prerequisites for VLB to issue the order of a necessary road or pavement blocking. In addition, the civil engineering department of the respective borough as the owner of the road network is involved in the course of the permission process for special use according to Berlin Traffic Law.

However, it is not only the filming on roads which may cause traffic obstructions. No-parking signs are also set up for filming inside buildings or in non-public areas in cases that require parking the company's equipment vehicles in close proximity to the shooting location.

Fees: Between 10.20 € and 767.00 €
Processing time: Up to 14 days
Download the required forms directly from:
The competent authority is: Verkehrslenkung Berlin (VLB A 1)
Please send your request directly to: Verkehrslenkung Berlin (VLB A 11)
Columbiadamm 10
12101 Berlin
Statutory basis: § 29 Abs. 2 , § 45 Abs 6, § 46 StVO, Nr. 35 Zustkat-Ord