Protection of Plants  


Archive: Research Project to control Cameraria ohridella "BerlinCam"

Biological control measures

  • Identification of natural enemies of C. ohridella, establishment of breeding programs for natural enemies, and tests of their efficiency on experimental trees and in the fieldLaboratory and field
  • tests of the effectiveness of microbiological control of C. ohridella (e.g., using Bacillus thuringiensis) and plant growth treatments in natural habitats
  • Laboratory and field evaluation of efficiency of an existing control measure (Attract & Kill) in natural habitats
  • Risk assessment and comparative economic assessment for each possible control measure
  • Field tests will prove whether under the climatic conditions in Northeastern Germany nematod species could be used for a possible treatment of the foliage in spring and autumn

Parasitoide wasp Pnigalio agraules - click to enlarge (44 K)
Parasitoide wasp
Pnigalio agraules

Steinernema kraussei - click to enlarge (19 K)
Steinernema kraussei