• Der Hobrechtswald
  • Der Hobrechtswald
  • Der Hobrechtswald
  • Der Hobrechtswald
  • Der Hobrechtswald
  • Der Hobrechtswald
  • Der Hobrechtswald
  • Der Hobrechtswald

Hobrechtswald - Media center

Short film

Hobrechtswald, HD, 4:25 min, © LANDSCHAFTSARCHITEKTUR+VIDEO 2016
Publisher: Berliner Forsten, Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection (Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Verkehr und Klimaschutz)
Production, concept: Susanne Isabel Yacoub / camera: Achim Burkart, Susanne Yacoub / montage: Thomas Steimer / sound: Sebastian Preisendörfer

The short film shows how a unique recreational forest with a great diversity of nature was created in a relatively short time. The particular structures offer a large variety of habitats adjoining each other. They are the result of the history of the site and the work of the Berlin Forestry Commission "Berliner Forsten".

Video - text version
Woodland, wilderness and water in the north of Berlin

What do we find in the woods? Trees? Horses? Cattle?
Everything is different here!

Gentle surprises
Immerse yourself in the landscape

Nature trails filled with art and history

Water pipes, sluice gates and old warden´s huts are reminders of the sewage farm´s history. Where Berlin´s waste water drained for over a century the landscape is now being transformed. It all began with reforestation and 50 different ways to design new woodlands. The re-planting project has continued for many years to create an area of semi-natural woodland.

Roaming free on woodland pastures
Animals nurture the landscape

Drop by drop, a new landscape is born
Water for ponds, streams and wetlands

Former waste water ditches have been re-flooded to create new habitats and ecosystems

Come and visit the north of Berlin