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Environmental Assessment, Berlin's Guide for Urban and Landscape Planning

Environmental Impact Assessment

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) is laid down in the law relating to the environmental impact assessment (EIA Law) and clearly defined in the Berlin law relating to the environmental impact assessment (UVPG-Bln). Environmental effects of planned projects are comprehensively identified, described and evaluated within the sphere of official procedures. The public is involved in these procedures. The resultant opinion on the environmental compatibility of a project shall be taken into consideration when a decision is to be made on its admissibility. The EIA is a factor in this decision-making and aimed at counteracting detrimental effects on the environment. Any proposals made for measures to be taken to improve the project in order to make it more environmentally friendly can be taken up as a prerequisite for the admissibility of the permit.

Aerial photo: lock Charlottenburg
For the new construction of the lock Charlottenburg - as part of the transport project "German Unity" Nr. 17 - the environmental impact assessment was also part of the project approval procedure.