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Road vehicle traffic

Road vehicle traffic

The Berlin road network has a total length of about 5,400 kilometers. Supervision of this highly complex system requires meticulous planning, in order that road traffic, which is indispensable for the city, can be managed trouble-free in a manner compatible with urban life.

New road construction in recent years has gone hand in hand with regulatory measures, such as the imposition of a 30-km/h speed limit at night on selected stretches of the main traffic routes, and the expansion of the parking provision in the downtown area.

There are 164 km (in all directions) of main traffic routes in Berlin that are subject to a nighttime limit of 30 km/h as a noise protection measure. Additionally there are a further 372 km to which the 30-km/h limit during the day applies, mainly for safety reasons. This means that 17 percent of the Berlin main road network is, at least in part, subject to a 30 km/h limit. Car sharing is gradually gaining currency in the city. In particular, flexible, non-binding schemes, offered at a fixed pick-up point, have demonstrated a marked growth.