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Mobility and road safety education


The projects and programmes for mobility and road safety education are important elements of our work for more road safety. They aim at considerably reducing the number of road accident casualties.

In today's fast-moving society everyone wants to be mobile without being harmed. Therefore, the mastering of everyday's practices that enable this mobility is as important as learning how to read and write. This includes an up-to-date mobility and road safety education. The key aspects are enclosed in the Action Programme of the Transport Division.

Forward-looking mobility education goes far beyond traditional traffic education. Up to now mobility education focuses on primary schools and usually ends with the bicycle licence.

Mobility education at schools

For the first time mobility and road safety education is laid down in the new regulations on primary schools of the state of Berlin as part of the school lessons and the state's educational responsibility. The implementation of the regulations in everyday school life is a task that can be efficiently supported by the institutions for road safety work in Berlin.

Some basic elements are already implemented:

  • "Mobililli unterwegs" ("Mobililli en route"): a campaign vehicle for primary schools providing games to promote childrens' physical exercise and mobility.
  • Physics education with practical relevance of Traffic & Safety for the 11th grade.
  • At present, the modules "Alcohol and Drugs" (for chemistry and biology lessons) and "Traffic and Safety" (for social studies teaching) as well as the teaching modules for the A-level students and the vocational school are in a development and testing phase
  • Symposium "Young people and mobility"
  • The online communication platform "Berlin Sicher Mobil" is an important step towards improving the introduction of existing projects and programmes to educational institutions.

Learning from the parents

Moreover, children may considerably benefit from the guidance of their parents with regard to mobility education. A "letter to parents", which is to be worked out by Arbeitskreis Neue Erziehung (Working Group for New Education), provides support and help for parents dealing with the mobility education of their children.

Youth traffic safety school

Berlin possesses 27 youth traffic schools, in German also called "Verkehrskindergarten". These vary in equipment, organisation, financing etc., and therefore require standards for care, design and use of the youth traffic schools. These standards can give new impetus to the concept of the traffic safety schools.

Speed supervision

In addition to existing traffic control technologies used by the police, a total of 80 mobile speed indicators in the form of "dialog displays" have been procured in the years from 2006 to 2007. They are used alternately in different locations (mainly in speed 30 zones), and are available for use by the boroughs. Therefore, Berlin is the first German city making comprehensive use of the dialog displays and their intended effect. By signalling the word "slow" to the drivers the "dialog displays" indicate that the authorised speed is exceeded. In contrast, a correct speed behaviour will be answered with "thank you". The picture of a child serves as background of the display and contemporaneously as an argument for the existing speed limit.

Cooperations with all stakeholders

With the implementation of the objectives the City of Berlin opts for cooperation with contracting authorities for the road safety work and other institutions and associations. This also includes enterprises, health care providers, interest groups in the area of transport, mobility, traffic safety, social security, etc.

The 2007 report on road safety includes a detailed description of the measures. Furthermore, the current basic activities are included in the Berlin 2010 Traffic Safety Programme. Further information on mobility and road safety education is available on the communication platform for more road safety in Berlin "Berlin Sicher Mobil" (in German).

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