Bicycle Routes and Facilities – The Berlin Wall Trail 1

Leg from Britz to Schönefeld

Karte - Etappe von Britz nach Schönefeld

21. Gedenkort für Chris Gueffroy 22. Teltowkanal 23. Rudower Höhe - Altglienicker Landschaftspark 24. Berlin-Schönefeld

20. Heidekampgraben

The Heidekampgraben runs from Treptower Park to the arboretum on Baumschulenweg; from Kiefholzstrasse to the Britzer Zweigkanal, it forms the border between Neukölln and Köpenick. In 2006, a green space with a wide bike and pedestrian path was laid out here along the former border strip.

21. Memorial for Chris Gueffroy

A stele designed by the artist Karl Biedermann is dedicated to a 20-year-old who had heard in February 1989 that border guards were no longer shooting at people trying to get over the Wall. He and a friend decided to risk an attempt. Eight months before the Wall fell, he became the last person to be shot dead by border guards to prevent an escape to West Berlin.

22. Teltowkanal

This 38-kilometer canal, officially opened by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1906, connects the Havel River near Babelsberg with the Spree near Grünau. Its system of electric tug locomotives used to tow cargo ships became a model for the Panama Canal.

23. Rudower Höhe - Altglienicker Landschaftspark

South of Rudower Höhe, the Berlin spy tunnel ran from a U.S. military radar station to Schönefelder Chaussee in the Soviet sector. This tunnel gave the American and British intelligence services access to the telephone cables used by the Soviet armed forces in the GDR for their internal communications. Today the Rudow-Altglienicke Landscape Park is located along the expressway to Schönefeld Airport that was built in part as a tunnel and opened in 2008.

24. Berlin-Schönefeld

While air traffic in West Berlin went through two large airports, Tempelhof and Tegel, flights from East Berlin took off from Berlin-Schönefeld. The Schönefeld airport is currently being expanded; in the future, it will service all of Berlin and its surrounding areas as "Berlin Brandenburg International Airport".