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The Margaretenbrücke (replacement structure) spans the northern Berlin outer ring as a pedestrian bridge in Hohenschönhausen.

The bridge pylons consist of conical box profiles which are stabilised with welded transverse bracings. The hangers are secured with friction-grip bolts. On the abutments there are pin bearings with high tensile strength. On the pylon (central girder) there are longitudinal elastomer bearings. The superstructure consists of a trussed trough made of steel profiles, welded main and transverse girders and friction-grip bolted lateral bracing. The intermediate longitudinal girders are made of pine wood with screwed on pine wood boards.

On both sides the bridge has an integrated additional rail for the disabled. Wooden boards were screwed on to the top chords of the trussed beams as a handrail. Horizontal shelters were secured to the bottom chords over the existing railway tracks. In the area of the planned track enlargement, preparations have been made for the later assembly of shelters by means of corresponding bores.

Lighting is provided by two Trilux projection lights on each pylon and in the vicinity of the abutments. The ramps have a total of six Trilux light fixtures (H = 4m).


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