Building Bridges

Ten years of bridge construction after the fall of the Wall (from 1990 to 1999)

In the first 10 years after the fall of the Wall around 90 new bridges have been completed and dilapidated bridges have been repaired with an investment volume of more than 500 million euros.

Many of the road links between east and west in the border area crossed bridges which had either been destroyed or were dilapidated. They had to be reopened as quickly as possible to cope with the urgent traffic needs. Furthermore, there was a large number of bridges in east Berlin also needing extensive repair or even reconstruction.

A selection of these bridges can be found on this Internet site.

Given their central location Berlin's bridges are urban planning elements with a special claim to design. In this connection the integration of the few remaining historical bridges constitutes a special challenge.

In co-operation with internationally renowned engineers and architects, some surprising new interpretations of traditional bridges have emerged thanks to the possibilities offered by modern building materials and methods. They have become important landmarks in the building history of the capital.