Air traffic

With more than 260.000 flights per year (2015) the capital region of Berlin is one of Germany's busiest airspaces. More than 29,5 million passengers use Berlin´s airports every year. Berlin's urban development planning creates important framework conditions for air traffic control and planning.

Commercial Airport Berlin-Tegel

Tegel Airport is Berlin's biggest commercial airport.

Airport Schönefeld / BER

The Airport Berlin-Schönefeld situated in the southeast of Berlin is being developed as the capital's new hub airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER).

Supreme Aviation Authority of Berlin

The Supreme Authority for Aviation and Aviation Security of Berlin pays attention to the aviation needs of 3,5 million of Berlin citizens, of 29,5 million passengers, and of economy. The main fields of activity are safety, infrastructure supply and reduction of environmental impacts.

Aviation Authority Berlin-Brandenburg (Luftfahrtbehörde Berlin-Brandenburg - LuBB)

The main role of LuBB is the implementation of a citizen-oriented aviation administration of the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg.


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