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Recognition of foreign healthcare professions in the European Union (EU)

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You have completed your training in a health care profession (e.g. as a health carer, nurse, midwife, physiotherapist, etc.) in the European Union (EU) and intend to carry out this profession in Berlin in the future?

Then you need a state permit for this activity, i.e. a licence to use a professional title. You can download the application for this permit under the link Application for the granting of a licence to use a professional title in respect of foreign qualifications.

The list of documents to be submitted can be found under the following link Checklist for persons with EU training. Documents that you do not have at the time of application can be submitted later, but if possible they should all be submitted together.

Please send the documents as officially certified copies by post. In Berlin, copies will be certified by the citizens offices or notaries.

Your personal appearance at the authority is not required for the processing of your application.

However, if you would like to come by in person, you must make an appointment (proceed to online appointment booking). No consultation can take place without a prior online appointment.

The permit can only be granted if you have the necessary knowledge of the German language to carry out the profession. A certificate at the level B 2 is required (for speech therapists C 1) from Goetheinstitut, Telc or TestDaf; which must not be older than 3 years.

Checklist for persons with EU training

PDF-Document (53.5 kB) - As of: January 2020

Application for the granting of a licence to use a professional title in respect of foreign qualifications

Sample, please submit the German application form

PDF-Document (675.2 kB) - As of: January 2020

Medical Certificate

PDF-Document (7.7 kB)