School system


Schools in Berlin

In the school directory you will find all Berlin schools by district, school type or foreign language offering. You can also inquire about switching schools to Berlin or find schools and daycare centres near you. More information

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Educational pathways

Overview of Berlin's educational pathways: from elementary school to secondary school or Gymnasium (grammar school). You will also find information on how to continue with vocational training after general school education. More information

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Examinations and qualifications

All students should finish their school career successfully with the best possible qualification. The first qualifications are awarded after Year 9 and 10. Those who continue can take the school leaving examination ("Abitur") after Year 12 or 13. More information

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Special offers

There is a variety of support offered by schools in Berlin. School profiles in the linguistic, scientific, cultural or sports areas are intended to support students with special skills or interests. More information

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Enabling people with disabilities to fully participate in social life - that's what inclusion is all about. The goal set out in the UN Disability Rights Convention is also implemented for education. More information

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Students are supported - both in the case of special talents as well as in the case of disability-related disadvantages and linguistic developmental delays. Berlin has incorporated the legal right to this in the School Act. More information

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All-day schools

All-day schools make school a place for learning and care that enables continuous and individual support for children. A learning culture results that takes into account the different requirements and needs of the children. More information

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Schools to feel well

Good learning also includes physical well-being. Good nutrition, exercise and health-conscious behaviour are prerequisites for this. Requiring and promoting the health of children is a shared duty of parents and school. More information

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Legal provisions

Regulations and rights - a good education system needs regulations that regulate the rights and obligations of students, parents and schools in a binding manner. Here you will find an overview of the most important laws, ordinances and regulations of the Berlin education system. More information

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School development planning

The aim of school development planning is to meet the demand for school places. Planning is subject to the general framework conditions, in particular the available financial resources. More information

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Construction and renovation

School students in Berlin need a supportive learning environment. School buildings are places where children and young people with different needs spend a great deal of time. More information

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Education statistics

If you would like to know how many schools, classes and students there are in Berlin, you will find answers in the statistical reports. And you can read about successes, opportunities and challenges in the joint education report for the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg. More information