Corona information on school and daycare

The compulsory attendance in the Berlin schools remains suspended; special regulations apply to final classes. Up to February 22nd will be alternating classes for grades 1 to 3. Masks are mandatory during classes.
The daycare centers remain in emergency mode. The prerequisite for emergency care is that parents work in a systemically relevant occupation, are single parents or special social/educational reasons.

Schooling Hotline +49 30 90227-6000 | Daycare Centers Hotline +49 30 90227-6600

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Compulsory attendance in Berlin schools remains suspended, special rules apply to final classes. Up to February 22nd we carefully open classes 1 to 3 in primary school. The Berlin daycare centers continue to offer emergency care. Image: Depositphotos/ Agigulf1/monkeybusiness More information

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Family and Children

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Berlin creates spaces in which families and young people can feel comfortable. We organise the child and day care in Berlin and offer financial as well as educational support and early assistence for families.

Education in Berlin

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By investing in the school system we are investing in the future: After primary school, there are two equivalent types of school, all-day schools are being expanded and the schools are becoming more responsible.


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Youth work includes youth association work, open child work and open youth work as well as community-oriented programmes. Youth associations organise the leisure time of children and young people, offer plenty of possibilities of engagement, exchange and youth social work.

Foreign Degrees and Qualifications

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Regardless of where someone was born, where they grew up and completed their school career, learned a trade, studied or perhaps worked for a long time in a profession, their knowledge, experience and skills can be used for further education or their occupation can be recognised.

Europe and International Affairs

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Numerous European programmes offer opportunities to explore Europe, to become involved and to plan training and career paths in different EU Member States and beyond. In order to use the associated opportunities and possibilities, it is important to be informed about European developments early on.

About us

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The Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family is divided into six departments. It also includes the supervision of schools in the twelve districts, the Social Pedagogical Training Institute Berlin-Brandenburg, the Berlin State Centre for Political Education and the joint State Institute for School and Media Berlin-Brandenburg.