Corona information on school and daycare

The compulsory attendance in the Berlin schools remains suspended; special regulations apply to final classes. Up to February 22nd will be alternating classes for grades 1 to 3. Masks are mandatory during classes.
The daycare centers remain in emergency mode. The prerequisite for emergency care is that parents work in a systemically relevant occupation, are single parents or special social/educational reasons.

Schooling Hotline +49 30 90227-6000 | Daycare Centers Hotline +49 30 90227-6600


Europa und Internationales

Numerous European programmes offer opportunities to explore Europe, to become involved and to plan training and career paths in different EU Member States and beyond. In order to actually use the associated opportunities and possibilities, it is important to be regularly informed about European developments early on.


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Here at a glance you can find current European dates and information on many interesting announcements and calls for proposals. More information

Europe in school

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Europe is part of everyday life in Berlin schools: projects and partnerships with schools in other European countries are just as much a part of everyday school life as competitions and the special offerings of the Public European School Berlin. More information


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Here you can find dates for European conferences and calls for proposals easily and at a glance. More information

Youth in Europe

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Europe also plays a major role in youth work institutions and international meetings. Numerous projects and activities are supported as part of the Erasmus+ funding programme. More information

Advice and support

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Europe offers a wide range of programmes and exchange projects for young people. Apprentices as well as teachers. In order to really get started, however, you need good advice and information about funding opportunities. More information