Corona information

  • From August 9 to 20, special infection protection measures will be taken in Berlin schools to prevent possible infections from being carried into schools from vacation. Whether the stronger testing and mask requirement must be maintained will be decided on the basis of the pandemic. Compulsory attendance applies.
  • The daycare centers are in regular operation with full support.

Information for Daycare Centers, Schools, Families concerning Corona

School hotline +49 30 90227-6000 | Email:



Day care ("Kita") Navigator

Link to: Day care ("Kita") Navigator
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You can search for the right day care centre for your child in the Kita Navigator. Would you like to know which day care centres are located near you? Then have only the facilities in your area displayed. More information

Day care voucher

Link to: Day care voucher
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The first step to finding a place in a day care centre is to apply for a day care ("Kita") voucher at the youth welfare office in your residential district. You can create a short one-page online application, which you then sign and send to your youth welfare office. More information

Cost sharing

Link to: Cost sharing
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Day care has been free in Berlin since August 2018. For additional sports activities, organic food or language lessons, day care centres are allowed to charge up to an additional 90 euros. More information

Child day care

Link to: Child day care
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The Kita voucher is also valid for child day care. Here qualified childminders supervise up to five individual children and up to ten children in pairs in private households or rented rooms. More information

Early childhood education

Link to: Early childhood education
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In day care centres and child day care, children gain important initial educational experiences. Here they acquire language and learn social integration, have their curiosity aroused and discover their environment in various ways. More information

Children with disabilities

Link to: Children with disabilities
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Joint support for children with and without disabilities is, of course, part of everyday day care life. All day care specialist staff members monitor and document the development of the children and exchange ideas with the parents. More information


Link to: Quality
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The quality of early childhood education and care is of crucial importance for the life of the children. The assurance and advancement of educational quality is incorporated in the law. More information

Parents’ participation

Link to: Parents’ participation
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The involvement of parents in the day care centre has many facets. Here you can find information on legally stipulated parental participation as well as voluntary support during parties, excursions and group trips. More information

Educational package

Link to: Educational package
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The educational package supports children and young people from low-income families with financing for lunches, excursions and trips, so that the children and young people can join in activities anywhere. More information

New day care centres for Berlin

Link to: New day care centres for Berlin
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Berlin needs a lot of new places in day care centres. The State of Berlin supports projects and providers in setting up new facilities as well as expanding space in existing day care centres. More information


Link to: Kita-Aufsicht
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Ensuring the quality of day care centres in terms of equipment and pedagogy is the task of Day care Supervision. Here you will find, among other things, forms for setting up and operating day care centres. More information

Provider service

Link to: Provider service
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On our service pages, providers of day care centres can find bundled information and important forms for their work, including on the Integrated Software Berlin Youth Welfare Service (ISBJ). More information