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Mann verschwommen hinter Glasscheibe

Sect Information Berlin is a counselling centre on so-called sects and conflict-ridden programmes and was originally set up as a “coordination centre for sect issues”.

About us

In Berlin there is a large, almost unmanageable market for religious, ideological, therapeutic or self-help programmes. As varied as these programmes are, they are mostly aimed at human needs and longings for happiness, meaning in life, security and community or for success and prosperity.

However, not every group is safe. Some groups promise freedom but lead to total dependence or promise success but cause financial ruin. If you have any questions, problems or need information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sect Information Berlin (SektenInfo Berlin) is a first point of contact and cooperates with other counselling centres. The main focus of the work is the education about the characteristics, structures and methods of conflict-ridden providers in the religious and self-help market. Sect information focusses on

  • Gaining knowledge through field observation, analysis, evaluation and documentation
  • Processing of information and help requests as well as counselling (by e-mail, phone or in person upon consultation)
  • Education and (school) prevention
  • Nationwide networking/cooperation
  • Political committee work
  • Evaluation

(School) prevention in the state of Berlin and counselling Berliners are paramount. Citizens are supported in the free formation of opinions and decision-making in accordance with democratic principles and are provided the opportunity to make their own assessments with the help of information and materials.

Between state neutrality and the right to free speech

  • “Is that a sect?”
  • “Do you keep a list of sects?”
  • “Why don’t you warn more clearly about this group?”

These and similar questions keep coming back to us. However, the state is obligated to be neutral, the state’s action is always in tension with groups’ right free speech in the spectrum of ideology and self-help. At the same time, however, the state also has a duty of care towards its citizens . Therefore, if people run the risk of being restricted in their basic rights and deliberately led into a psychological and/or financial dependency or being harmed in body or soul, the state may also issue a warning.

That is why the SektenInfo Berlin team provides information on sects and questionable self-help programmes, arranges contacts with experts and counsels people who want to leave a group as well as relatives who are worried about a loved one.

When a group becomes a problem

The SektenInfo Berlin counselling centre will provide you information and counselling on groups and communities in Berlin. At SektenInfo Berlin, those who are affected or interested can find out whether they can trust a programme on the self-help market. In addition, Sekteninfo Berlin offers support if those affected, family members or friends are having difficulties with a group.

The brochure When a group becomes a problem gives an overview of what sects actually are, what tasks Sekteninfo Berlin has and what programmes it offers. The brochure also shows how you can tell whether a group is good or bad for you.

The brochure provides more in-depth information by describing the development on the self-help market using numerous reports from those affected and those who have dropped out. The flyer ‘When a group becomes a problem’ briefly presents the tasks and counselling programmes offered by SektenInfo Berlin. It offers information for people who want to get out of a group or relatives who are worried about someone close to them. SektenInfo Berlin also offers information and prevention events for schools and teachers.


Personal consulting only by appointment. Please use as well our contact sheet or write us an E-Mail.


In contrast to self-proclaimed saviours, we have no patent remedies. The market is getting increasingly larger and more unfathomable. Every programme must be checked in a responsible way. But checklists can be helpful for a first and quick overview.

Please contact SektenInfo Berlin for more information or to protect yourself. We update the checklists independently and then make them available for download.

  • Sects promise a lot! But what is the price?

    The characteristics of conflict-ridden groups are also clearly illustrated on the poster “Sects promise a lot! But what is the price?”

    PDF-Document (4.0 MB)

  • Checklist for unknown groups

    Characteristics of conflict-ridden groups – illustrated and easy to understand.

    PDF-Document (2.3 MB)

  • Discussion guidelines for relatives

    A friend, partner, relative has joined a group and you notice serious changes in their being, everyday life and lifestyle. How can you respond?

    PDF-Document (266.2 kB)

Schüler auf dem Schulhof

School information and education work

You can catch a "sect" like a cold if the defence is not set up. What contribution could schools make to immunization? More information

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Berlin Association against Sects

An employee in all Berlin districts and in all Senate departments is active as a representative for the Berlin Association against "Sects". More information