Corona information

The compulsory attendance in schools remains suspended. From April 12, 2021, alternating lessons take place for grades 1 to 6 and 10 to 13 in half the class in an alternating model. Pupils are called to use the distributed Rapid Covid Antigen Tests. From April 19, 2021 the grades 7, 8 and 9 will restart in half classes in the alternating model. The Rapid Covid Antigen Tests will be carried out obligatory in the schools.

Since April 8, 2021, the daycare centers offer emergency care only for families in systemically relevant professions .

Schooling Hotline +49 30 90227-6000 | Daycare Centers Hotline +49 30 90227-6600


Examinations and qualifications

All students should finish their school career successfully with the best possible qualification. The first qualifications are awarded after year 9 and 10. Those who continue can take the Abitur after 12 or 13 years.

General qualifications can also be obtained at vocational schools. If students do not achieve the qualification they are aiming for on their first attempt, they can obtain it in the second-chance education programme.

Examination dates at general and vocational schools

  • Exams in 2021
    for the Abitur, the school leaving qualifications after grades 9 and 10 and the qualifications of the vocational schools


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With the Abitur, all options are open to you - from starting a course of studies, a dual course of study or a demanding professional training. Weitere Informationen

Qualifications from the ISS after grades 9 and 10

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The school leaving qualification at the end of the 10th grade is a milestone for many students towards the Abitur or an entry into vocational training. The possible qualifications at this point in time are the intermediate school qualification (MSA) and the advanced vocational qualification (EBBR). Weitere Informationen

Qualifications at the Gymnasium after grades 9 and 10

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Anyone who goes to the Gymnasium earns another school leaving qualification on their way to their Abitur. Weitere Informationen

University of applied sciences entrance qualification

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The university of applied sciences entrance qualification entitles you to study at a university of applied sciences. Weitere Informationen

Second-chance education

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Second-chance education offers everyone who wishes to continue their education a wide range of options to catch up on a school leaving qualification or to obtain a higher-level qualification. Weitere Informationen

Recognition of school qualifications

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Our certificate recognition office evaluates your domestic or foreign educational certificates. It is also responsible for determining an equivalence with vocational qualifications acquired in school. Weitere Informationen