Corona information

The compulsory attendance in schools remains suspended. From April 12, 2021, alternating lessons take place for grades 1 to 6 and 10 to 13 in half the class in an alternating model. Pupils are called to use the distributed Rapid Covid Antigen Tests. From April 19, 2021 the grades 7, 8 and 9 will restart in half classes in the alternating model. The Rapid Covid Antigen Tests will be carried out obligatory in the schools.

Since April 8, 2021, the daycare centers offer emergency care only for families in systemically relevant professions .

Schooling Hotline +49 30 90227-6000 | Daycare Centers Hotline +49 30 90227-6600


Family and Children

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Berlin creates spaces in which families and young people can feel comfortable. Our city offers funding and support – even in difficult life situations.


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Whether a day care centre or child day care - you need a day care ("Kita") voucher from the youth welfare office for both. Our database will help you find a facility. Attendance is free of charge during the three years before school starts. More information

Day care ("Kita") voucher

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Children are entitled to a place in day care beginning on their first birthday. Since 1 August 2018 there has been a legal right to up to seven hours of funding per day without a family’s needs being checked. More information

Quality in Day Care

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The quality of early childhood education, child-raising and care is of decisive importance for the further life journeys of children and thus influences the future viability of our society. As places of early childhood education, day care facilities have a special role and responsibility. More information

Financial Services

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Financial services provided by the state are intended to compensate for disadvantages and to value parents’ role in raising children. Find out more about parental allowance and parental leave, child allowance and advance maintenance. More information

The Educational Package

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The educational package is available so that children and young people from low-income families can also take part in activities anywhere. More information

Child-raising Assistance

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Everyday problems and conflicts can occur in families. Child-raising assistance is a benefit according to the German Social Code to which parents have an individual legal right if the assistance is suitable and necessary for the young people. More information

Parental allowance and parental leave

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Parental allowance and parental leave – these benefits give parents more options to organise the care of their small children. The legal right to part-time work gives fathers in particular the opportunity to participate in raising children. More information

Child Benefit

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The child benefit is paid to the person in whose care the child is situated. If the child lives with both parents, they can determine which of them should receive the child benefit. More information

Maintenance Advance

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No child should have to suffer financial hardship. In the case of single parents, the maintenance advance fund helps out if the other parent does not or cannot provide sufficient support for the child. In this case, your child will be paid an advance by the state. More information

Child Supplement

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The child supplement is granted for six months and begins in the month in which the application is submitted. As a rule, the child supplement is paid to the parent who also receives the child benefit. More information

Parenting and Family Counselling

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Parenting and family counselling is a free programme for parents, guardians and couples as well as children and young people. The counselling can be taken advantage of directly and can also be conducted anonymously on request. More information

Child Protection

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Parents have the right and the obligation to care for their child. If they fail to do so, community and especially government agencies must protect children and young people against neglect and abuse. More information

Support Programmes for Families

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Berlin has a wide range of programmes to fund and support families. A major concern for the city is primarily early and needs-based support for families as well as for expectant mothers and fathers. More information

Early Assistance

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Early assistance is aimed at all families who feel that they are overwhelmed in their current situation and want help and support. The early assistance programmes are preventative and voluntary. Families can take advantage of them without any bureaucratic red tape. More information

SektenInfo Berlin

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In Berlin there is a large, almost unmanageable market for religious, ideological, therapeutic or self-help programmes. As varied as these programmes are, they are mostly aimed at human needs and longings for happiness, meaning in life, security and community or for success and prosperity. More information