Financial Services

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Children should grow up feeling safe and secure. Parents provide this through their love, care and time. Financial services from the state are intended to compensate for disadvantages and support parents with their parenting.

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Parental allowance and parental leave

Parental allowance and parental leave – these benefits give parents more options to organise the care of their small children. The legal right to part-time work gives fathers in particular the opportunity to participate in raising children. This significantly improves the compatibility of family and work. Weitere Informationen

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Child Benefit

Child benefit is paid at least up to the age of 18. If the child is still going to school, studying at university or doing vocational training, they are entitled to the child benefit until their 25th birthday. Weitere Informationen

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Maintenance Advance

No child should have to suffer financial hardship. In the case of single parents, the maintenance advance fund helps out if the other parent does not or cannot provide sufficient support for the child. In this case, your child will be paid an advance by the state. Weitere Informationen

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Child Supplement

The child supplement is granted for six months and begins in the month in which the application is submitted. As a rule, the child supplement is paid to the parent who also receives the child benefit. Weitere Informationen

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The Educational Package

The educational package is available so that children and young people from low-income families can also take part in activities anywhere. Weitere Informationen