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Stolpersteine bringen eine Familie zusammen

Es war ein kalter Märzmorgen, als ich auf dem Jüdischen Friedhof in Weißensee zwischen efeuüberwucherten Gräbern herumstolperte. Ich suchte das Grab von Else Nawroth, für die ich einen Stolperstein in der Warschauer Straße verlegen lassen wollte. Weitere Informationen

By chronicling memories, we strengthen bonds

Had it been left to me, my family’s painful past would have remained in the past, undisturbed. But a persuasive friend convinced me otherwise. I am glad she did. It led to a family album that pays tribute to the entire Abrahamson family. Weitere Informationen

My life in four different countries

I grew up in Berlin, Germany, where I spent the first ten years of my life as a happy child, having loving parents and a brother two years younger. The summer vacations we spent at the ocean, where I learned swimming in the waves of the Baltic Sea. Weitere Informationen

Justice, however long delayed, is still justice

The most personal and moving part of my week in Berlin was an event in honour of my father in the court in which he was a judge for five years until the Nazis chased him out, literally at the point of a gun, in 1933. Weitere Informationen

Saga of a photo

My latest documentary film, “Saga of a Photo”, tells the story of Margot Klausner, my grandmother, who was born in Berlin in 1905. Margot’s parents were the founders and owners of the Leiser shoe company that still exists today. Weitere Informationen