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When you’re a Yekke You find satisfaction In knowing your name Is of German extraction Other good names You treat with disdain For only true Yekkes Know what’s in a name. Felsenstahl, Katzenstein Ullmann und Breuer Westheimer, Hildesheimer. YEKKE

Return Visit to Berlin, City of My Birth

I had occasionally heard that people like me who had been persecuted by the Nazis were sometimes invited to come back to the places where they had been born. I didn't pay much attention to this, however, as I never imagined that this would happen to me. Return Visit to Berlin, City of My Birth

Remember and never forget

Berlin’s mayor, Klaus Wowereit, in the June 2012 issue of aktuell is asking the readers to remember Berlin’s 775th birthday. Are Berlin’s school children taught the significance of this historic event? Remember and never forget