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Return to Berlin

At precisely eight in the morning June 23 2005, I was awakened by a phone call. When I picked up the receiver, I heard a man‘s voice say „Happy Birthday, Berlin calling“. Since I knew no one in Berlin who could possibly know my birthday, I took it to be a practical joke. But it wasn‘t. Return to Berlin

Remembering my Father

My father, never an impetuous man, married my much younger mother when he was 46, and was 49 when I was born. When I was a toddler and we occasionally walked to the Tiergarten, people came up and congratulated my father on his cute grandson. So there was this age gap, to begin with. Remembering my Father

Brief an den Bruder

_Dieser Brief wurde aktuell von Werner Guter zur Verfügung gestellt. Seine Tante, Else Fleischmann, schrieb den Brief, der stark gekürzt abgedruckt wird, am 18. Juni 1945 an ihren Bruder Heini, Herrn Guters Vater. Dieser emigrierte 1935 mit seiner Familie nach Schweden. Brief an den Bruder