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Lieselotte, Lilo, Leislot, Lilian

When I was growing up in Berlin, I was always very happy with the name my parents had chosen for me. Lieselotte seemed a very nice and acceptable name and Lilo, as I was generally called, suited me fine. This changed drastically when I moved to England at the age of 19. Lieselotte, Lilo, Leislot, Lilian

Ein Wunder ist mir geschehen

Wir wurden zu gleicher Zeit geboren. Wir trafen uns als Babys und lächelten einander zu. Wir wuchsen gemeinsam auf und kamen zusammen in den Kindergarten. Später kamen wir zusammen in die Schule - in dieselbe Klasse, saßen nebeneinander auf der Schulbank. Wir waren zusammen - immer zusammen. Ein Wunder ist mir geschehen


My Grossmutter Rosie is standing on the balcony of Beethovenstrasse 72 in Amsterdam watching German paratroopers land on Dutch soil. The year is 1940 and it’s the middle of the night. With her is Mrs. Lichtenstein from whom she has rented rooms for her family after fleeing Berlin the year before. COURAGE

Berlin in Lights

“SEASON of mists” is how John Keats described autumn in Rome in 1819. It was not mist but rays of multi-coloured artificial lights spraying prominent buildings that characterized Berlin in October 2007 when it celebrated the traditional Festival of Lights. Berlin in Lights