Saga of a photo

The stormy life of Margot Klausner

My latest documentary film, “Saga of a Photo”, tells the story of Margot Klausner, my grandmother, who was born in Berlin in 1905. Margot’s parents were the founders and owners of the Leiser shoe company that still exists today.

The film was filmed partly in Berlin and contains unique archive material from Berlin and the Land of Israel in the late twenties and thirties. In the film there is a special mention of Leiser during WW 2 and today.

The story begins in a photo hidden away for some eighty years. For a frozen moment, the photo exposed the joy of my grandparents’ wedding in 1926 in Berlin. A moment later, everything will turn upside down.

This is a story about love, a love story that crosses borders, a love story between a woman and two men, a love story between a woman and the theatre, between a woman and the Land of Israel, about a mother’s love for her children and the price of all these loves.

The film was shown at the Berlin Jewish film festival.

  • Kutsche mit der Aufschrift Leiser
  • Auto mit der Aufschrift Leiser

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