Dear Mr. Wowereit

von Susi Podgurski

I am very late thanking you for the fantastic aktuell – the reason: I have read every single word, and I am unable to express the depth of my feelings. To start: how you write, next: what you write – for a long time, I truly forget: you make things so much less awful – thank you. I had an incredible family, and still, at almost 90 years, I miss them so, and I miss Berlin with the few good years so filled by my parents who did everything they could in their limited way to make things less awful.

Truthfully, I am homesick for Berlin, and when I read what you write, when aktuell shows me what you have achieved, what you are still trying to bring about, I know that my father was right: “There are good people in this world, you will find them again, believe in God.” I am grateful to you, with all the ugliness, which was and, to a degree, still is, you show me with each aktuell , there truly is a good person who is trying so very hard, and you succeed each time. This aktuell is amazing, I am translating some of you and show you to my friends here “Zerstörte Vielfalt – 1933–1938” I was there until June 1939, and left everything that I loved, but you have helped with each aktuell , and with the last one, you have almost achieved your goal, and I am grateful.

With my sincere thanks and true appreciation at what you have been doing all these years, I can truly say, your goal has been achieved – I wish you well and the best of what is to come yet in your life.

Susi Podgurski
Chiffre 132204