Does anyone know more about the Van Dam family in Berlin?

Visiting the jewish cemetery Berlin-Weissensee I was suddenly surprised to see a Dutch name on a big gravestone, that mentioned my home town. It said that Arthur Isaac van Dam was born in Dordrecht on April 1 1886 and that he died in Berlin on Februari 23 1911. His mother was also mentioned: Henriette van Dam, born as Marcus in Munster on December 7 1856, she died in 1902 on August 29.

The regional archives of Dordrecht told me later that Henriette van Dam went to Berlin with her husband Isaac Abram van Dam on April 20 1889. As a journalist I would like to know more about the Van Dam family, as it is remarkable that people from Dordrecht moved to Berlin in the 19th century. But so far I have not been able to find any (distant) relatives of this family in Berlin. Does anyone happen to know more about them?
Any information is welcome.

Gert van Engelen
Chiffre 121324