On the stairs of Sanssouci

von Inge Spitz

For the second time I see Sanssouci and its famous stairs! I walked those stairs once a week. Up and down! Why? We walked from home to Potsdam – we lived in Bornstedt – the only Jewish family: Gustav and Meta Gumpert, my Opa and Oma, Hermann and Johannah Rosenthal, née Gumpert, my parents, Inge and Edith, their children. Right by Sanssouci and „Die Mühle“.

Childhood memories till I was eleven. After Kristallnacht Edith and I went to France. Thanks to my mother’s foresight. Edith was ten, I was five days after my twelfth birthday. The memories never go away.

Well, I returned there in my late 70s, tried to walk the stairs – I only made it up a few steps! I am now 85 – the only one in my family left.

Inge Spitz
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