Stumbling Stones (Stolpersteine) in Berlin-Charlottenburg-Eichkamp

I belong to a group of inhabitants of Berlin-Charlottenburg, who are searching for the persecuted neighbours used to live here during the nazi-period.
We would be pleased to have contact :

with the family of Marie Louise Wittenberg, née Marx, born 1925 in Luckenwalde/Germany, escaped to France/Nizza, 1944 camp Ausschwitz, emigrated 1945 from France/Nizza to Quebec.

with the families of Minna Lewy, née Pulvermann (2 sons) and of Dr.Gerhard Joel (med., son of Ernst Joel) emigrated 1936 to San Francisco, USA.

with the family of Georg Stock, * 16.3.1893, 1934 escaped to London, priest of the anglican church. He was the son of Jenny Stock, *1869, murdered 1943 in Theresienstatt, living in Berlin/Eichkamp.

with the family of Käthe Kronthal, née Magud (parents: Anna Magud, née Steinitz, and Hans Magud), escaped 1936 to London.

with the family of Hedwig Leonore Feig,*9.7.1027, escaped to London and Ernst Wolfgang Feder *21.5.1923, escaped to Sweden (family Lehmann).

with the family of Erna Leonhard, née Hirschfeld * 23.6.1893, son Leonor,* 5.4.1923, both murdered in Westerbork 12.3.1943.

with the family of Dr. Margarete Hedwig Zuelzer, * 7.2.1877, murdered in Westerbork 23.8.1943

We published a flyer of the stumbling stones in Berlin-Charlottenburg-Eichkamp : (german/engl.version)

Claudia von der Haar
Chiffre 110325