Searching for children who were in Bad Saarow on Nov 1938

I´m looking for names of the 12 children who were staying
at the Grunewald Children´s Centre in Bad Saarow (Brandenburg)
in November 1938 .

These children were mistreated, and even molested, by the
citizens of Bad Saarow (Brandenburg) on the Reichspogromnacht,
but were eventually returned to their parents or to foster homes

There are no records left. Everything was destroyed or lost during WW 2.
It was a private centre, and the 1932 Guide of Jewish Welfare
(republished in 1995) contains only a minimum of information.
There is a chance that one of these children was sent to Great Britain
with the Kindertransport.

Any information or clue is welcome.

Yvonne Stern
Chiffre 111329