Who remembers Ilse Glaser or Ismar Jakubowski?

We would like to set “Stolpersteine” (commemorative stones) in front of the building in Berlin-Schöneberg, where they lived in the 1930ies and where we live today.
What we know:
Name: Ilse Glaser
Name of Birth: Silbermann
Born: 30 June 1903 in Berlin-Schöneberg
Husband: Siegfried Glaser (9. January 1882 – 24. May 1941 in Berlin)
Deportation from Berlin: on 1. March 1943 to Auschwitz
Relatives: Elisabeth Cohen, Metropolitan Ave. Apt. 5 G, Kew Gardens, Queens, Long Island (Enquiry to Berlin from August 1946)

Name: Ismar Jakubowski
Born: 21. April 1897 in Lissa (Posen)
Profession: unknown, work at C. J. Vogel A. G. Köpenick (cabelfactory)
Wife: Johanna, geb. Becker (survivor of the Shoah), married since 1939/1941?
Deportation from Berlin: 15. December 1942 to Theresienstadt, 28. September 1944 to Auschwitz
Wife: Johanna
Name of Birth: Becker
Born: 4. May 1902 in Berlin
Profession: 1939-42 work at Carl Friedrich Schauer & Co. KG, Berlin (forced labor)
Address in Berlin: 1935-1942 Alexandrinenstr. 49, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Deportation from Berlin: 15. December 1942 (?) to Theresienstadt

Post-War information: re-married as Johanna (Joan) Staver with the following address: 2647 Halldale Ave., Los Angeles 7; 1109 So. Sherborne Drive, Los Angeles 5; 2954 Francis Avenue, Los Angeles 5

Susanne Netzer
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