Stumbling Stones (Stolpersteine) in Berlin-Charlottenburg-Eichkamp

I belong to a group of inhabitants of Berlin-Charlottenburg, who are searching for the persecuted neighbours used to live here during the nazi-period. We would be pleased to have contact :
  • with the family of Marie Louise Wittenberg, née Marx, born 1925 in Luckenwalde/Germany, escaped to France/Nizza, 1944 camp Ausschwitz, emigrated 1945 from France/Nizza to Quebec.
  • with the families of Minna Lewy, née Pulvermann (2 sons) and of Dr. Gerhard Joel (med., son of Ernst Joel) emigrated 1936 to San Francisco, USA.
  • with the family of Georg Stock,* 16.03.1893, 1934 escaped to London, priest of the Anglican church. He was the son of Jenny Stock, * 1869, murdered 1943 in Theresienstatt, living in Berlin/ Eichkamp.
  • with the family of Käthe Kronthal, née Magud (parents: Anna Magud, née Steinitz, and Hans Magud), escaped 1936 to London.
  • with the family of Hedwig Leonore Feig, * 09.07.1927, escaped to London and Ernst Wolfgang Feder * 21.05.1923, escaped to Sweden (family Lehmann).
  • with the family of Erna Leonhard, née Hirschfeld * 23.06.1893, son Leonor, * 05.04.1923, both murdered in Auschwitz 12.3.1943.
  • with the family of Dr. Margarete Hedwig Zuelzer, * 7.02.1877, murdered in Westerbork 23.08.1943
    We published a flyer of the stumbling stones in Berlin- Charlottenburg-Eichkamp: (german/engl.version)

Claudia von der Haar
Chiffre 210310