Thank you, Dr. Schwoch

Im Dezember 2005 haben wir in aktuell eine Suchanzeige von Prof. Dr. Schwoch veröffentlicht. Sie suchte mit Hilfe der Suchanzeige Zeitzeugen für ihre Arbeit an einem Gedenkbuch für die im Nationalsozialismus verfolgten jüdischen Berliner Kassenärzte. Nun, fünf Jahre später, erreichte uns folgender Leserbrief:

My name is Michael Langendorff and I am the son of Franz Joseph Langendorff, one of the many “Berliner jüdische Kassenärzte” that were honored by Professor Rebecca Schwoch in her recently published “Berliner jüdische Kassenärzte und ihr Schicksal im Nationalsozialismus: Ein Gedenkbuch.”

I’m sure not enough people are familiar with this labor of love and respect, and the enormous hours of research needed to publish the 2018 biographies that appear in this volume of over 970 pages.

Not only was it a thrill for me to see my father’s name in print, but also my children and grandchildren
were equally honored to have their family member remembered in print for eternity.

I am writing this letter to thank Dr. Schwoch publicly for her masterpiece and hope that her achievement will be appreciated for many generations in the medical field as well as the general public.

It is people like Dr. Schwoch who will help the world take a different view of anti-Semitism.

Michael Langendorff
Chiffre 210203