David Friedmann

I am the daughter of the artist David Friedmann. In 1999 an article was published in aktuell entitled, “Suche Kunstwerke von David Friedmann”. Since then I have had success in finding several paintings and one was donated to the Centrum Judaicum. Also, thanks to clues in my father’s letters and my persistence, Detlef Lorenz found a treasure of 200 portraits and drawings published in the program magazine for all German radio listeners, “Der Deutsche Rundfunk”. He diligently photographed the collection and wrote the biographies of the subjects and this material, along with the discovered portraits in the newspapers, evolved into the book: David Friedmann (1893-1980) Ein Berliner Pressezeichner der 1920er Jahre, Verlag Hentrich & Hentrich, 2008.

Detlef Lorenz’s brilliant idea of bringing Friedmann’s portraits of musicians to the attention of the Berliner Philharmoniker, has resulted in an exhibition “Musikerzeichnungen von David Friedmann” opening on the eve of Kristallnacht, November 8, 2008. My father’s deep passion for art and music come alive in this display of portrait reproductions of mostly Jewish exiled composers, violinists, pianists, conductors, cellists, who were forced to flee during the Nazi regime. This will be the first solo exhibition of David Friedmann art since 1933. The exhibition is scheduled through January 4, 2009.

Miriam Friedman Morris bzw. Detlef Lorenz
Chiffre 208201