Looking For The Markow Family

I am looking for anyone who knew or remembers my father and his family. He was born in Friedrichshain, Berlin in January 1925. His name was Werner (Frederick?) Markow. The next record I have of him is in a POW camp in Kent in England in October 1948.

His father owned or managed a glass factory in Berlin. I have been told that the factory was used to help the German war effort and that after the war my grandfather was killed by the Russians, although I don’t know if this is true.

My grandmother’s name was Martha Markow and I think she died around 1930.

My father had a sister (name unknown) who married the manager of the glass factory and was probably born around 1915 – 1920.

Does anyone please remember them or work in the glass factory or know anyone that did? My father died in 1993 and I really want to find out about his life and if I have any family in Germany.

Nicky Markow
Chiffre 106315