Dr. and Mrs. Hans Solomon Landshut and daughter Lili

We lived in Berlin. My father was a dentist, Kurt Baum. We immigrated to the USA. To do so, we were enrolled on a list at the American Embassy in Berlin. However, the Landshut family’s number was higher up on the list than ours. And when their number was called, they could not leave because Mrs. Landshut was quite ill. Our number was further down on the list, and so, we exchanged numbers with them and were able to leave.

My mother had told me that the numbers then were cut off soon after and so the Landshuts could not use our number. So to this day, I am hoping against hope that perhaps somehow they survived. I have not found the name of Lili Landshut on the lists furnished by Yad Vashem but perhaps I have not read them all. Lili who must now be in her early 70s. I have a photo of both of us as children. Should anyone have any information about the family, thank you for letting me know.

Renate Suzanne Baum-Anteby
Chiffre 205306